About us

The insatiable need to create uncompromising, raw and brutal, yet hauntingly beautiful melodies led to the formation of Cult of Lilith in 2015.
After releasing an EP that following year and instantly gaining attention in the local music scene of Reykjavík, Iceland, a full line-up of the band was formed shortly thereafter. A line-up of incredibly talented and hard working musicians all gathered with the same goal, to create challenging and extreme music with an artful image to go along with it.
Drawing inspiration from multiple genres and time periods of music like: Metal, and all its sub-genres, Prog, Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Avant-garde, Baroque and classical music with the intention to create something truly unique and diverse but with a cohesive theme that binds all the elements together.

Having conquered the scene in Iceland, performing alongside notable acts like Defeated Sanity,
Psycroptic, Dead Congregation and many more, taking first place in the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands competition and performing on two major music festivals in Iceland. 
Cult of Lilith is now looking to spread its indoctrination outside of its home country and initiating new prospects to the cult.